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Name Biography  Email  Position 
John Curran30 years of coaching experience from schools to Senior National League. UKCC Level 2 Basketball Coach, L1 Referee, L1 TOHead Coach & Chair
Charlotte CurranUKCC Level 2 Coach, Level 3 Table Official, Level 1 Refereedunk@henfieldheat.co.ukCoach & Club Secretary
Tracey Hill L2 Table OfficialTable Official
Ben CLevel 1 Ref and Table Official Official
Dom P Level 1 Referee and Table Official.
Alex BugdenLevel 1 Coach
Lewis JLevel 1 Referee and Table Official.L1 Referee & Table Official
Oscar CLevel 1 Table OfficalL1 Table Official
Vikki PayWelfare Officer
Name Left Blank
Archie HLevel 1 Referee and L2 Table OfficialTable Official